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1. A total of 60 credits are to be completed for M. Sc. Degree in Statistics.
2. Six optional courses may be registered form ST-401 to ST-414. However, in case a student registers Course ST-411 then he has to register four other courses from ST-401 to ST-414. The courses offered in other departments can be registered by a student instead of Courses ST-401 to ST-414 with the consent of the Chairperson.

MSc | MPhil / PhD


Compulsory Courses
ST-301  Probability and Probability Distributions - I
ST-302  Statistical Methods
ST-303  Sampling Techniques
ST-304  Mathematical Methods for Statistics
ST-305  Computational Techniques
ST-306  Probability and Probability Distributions-II
ST-307  Experimental Designs-I
ST-308  Statistical Inference-I (Estimation)
ST-309  Survey Sampling
ST-310  Regression Analysis-I
ST-311  Experimental Designs-II
ST-312  Statistical Inference-II (Hypotheses Testing)
ST-313  Quality Control and Quality Management
ST-314  Regression Analysis-II

Optional Courses
ST-401  Population Analysis and Official Statistics
ST-402  Decision Theory
ST-403  Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
ST-404  Multivariate Statistics
ST-405  Non-Parametric Statistics and Categorical Data
ST-406  Introduction to Stochastic Processes
ST-407  Management and Operation Research
ST-408  Bayesian Statistics
ST-409  Survival Analysis
ST-410  Statistical Packages
ST-411  Thesis
ST-412  Biostatistics
ST-413  Applied Multilevel Modeling
ST-414  Spatial Data Analysis

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Department of Statistics, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, 45320, Pakistan.
Tel: +92-51 9064-2180, Email: stats@qau.edu.pk