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1. Each course is of 3 credits.
2. Course work shall be 24 credits.
3. Dissertation shall be 26 credits.
4. Total of 50 credits are to be completed for the award of M. Phil. degree.

MSc | MPhil / PhD

MPhil / PhD

Compulsory Courses
ST-601  Advanced Probability Theory - I
ST-605  Survey Sampling-I
ST-609  Linear Models

Optional Courses
ST-602  Advanced Probability Theory -II
ST-603  Estimation Theory
ST-604  Hypotheses Testing
ST-606  Survey Sampling-II
ST-607  Design of Experiments - Factorial Experiments
ST-608  Advanced Topics in Design of Experiments
ST-610  Non-Linear Estimation
ST-611  Applied Logistics Regression
ST-612  Bayesian Inference
ST-613  Bayesian Decision Theory
ST-614  Multivariate Methods
ST-615  Multivariate Analysis
ST-616  Time Series Analysis
ST-617  Stochastic Processes
ST-618  Operations Research
ST-619  Numerical Analysis and Stochastic Simulations
ST-620  Non-Parametric and Robust Methods
ST-621  Population Analysis
ST-622  Mixture Distributions -I
ST-623  Mixture Distributions -II
ST-624  Statistics for Clinical Trials
ST-625  Recent Developments in Statistics
ST-626  Financial Econometrics
ST-627  Mathematical Demography
ST-628  Statistical Process Control
ST-629  Randomized Response
ST-630  Advanced Spatial Data Analysis

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